Be Kind to Yourself
How psychologists can help patients with injection fear - Psychologists are sharing interventions and therapies to help patients whose fear of needles could stop them from getting a COVID-19 vaccine
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FIVE WAYS TO VIEW THE COVERAGE OF CORONAVIRUS - The news and information right now can be overwhelming, not to mention scary. This article helps us learn to filter it so the information is manageable. 


10 IDEAS FOR COPING WITH LONELINESS DURING SOCIAL DISTANCING - This is packed with great ideas about how to maintain healthy relationships with your loved ones, as well as yourself.
BEING KIND TO YOURSELF IN THE MIDST OF A PANDEMIC - A Social Psychologist's conversation with a room of high school seniors.


DEPRESSIVE THINKING DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC - As our stress is being maintained at a higher than normal level, sadness can also set in. Here are some ideas for dealing with our thoughts, and some insight on how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works. Try it out for yourself!

A MESSAGE OF HOPE: ACHIEVING “COVIDYA” - A Buddhist perspective of the coronavirus situation at hand.