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Black Lives Matter Too

In keeping with our mission, I have actively responded in support of the ongoing efforts to eliminate the injustices that continue to occur in our nation.

Despite my identity as a Latina, I consider myself to have been brought up in a privileged environment as I have always been a part of the majority in our RGV community. Living among the majority, I was shielded and far-removed from racial discrimination and prejudice. This shield was later perpetuated by convincing myself that I was not the oppressor, as I always treated everyone the same.

But, none of us can continue to reason that "treating everyone equally" is enough, because it is not. I realized that if I continued to be complacent, then I was actually part of the problem and the environment that maintains these injustices. Whether any of us do this knowingly or unknowingly, the end result is the same - maintaining the status quo of injustice and inequality. In this way, complacency is just as dangerous as overt oppression, similar to the relationship between the bystander and the aggressor.

In effect, I believe that the most dangerous thing we can do is NOT examine and reexamine ourselves, our biases and our own prejudices and privileges. We must remember that this is not a question of who's "side" you are on - this cannot be approached with a perception of separation. We must join together for Equality - actively participating to support each other - because in helping others, we help ourselves. Whether we have come to realize it or not, this involves ALL OF US.

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Counseling, Psychologist, Therapist in Harlingen, McAllen, Corpus Christi, Texas

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